Contextual Fundamental Theology

Contextual Fundamental Theology


von: Hans Waldenfels

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Contextual Fundamental Theology undertakes to offer a theological foundation of the contemporary Christian faith. This undertaking is embedded in today's world "context" of a rapprochement between the Christian churches, intensified dialogue between Christians and Jews, the meeting of religions, but also their potential rejection. This book is intended as a workbook and resource for theological studies, but also for continuous education in theology.The handbook of fundamental theology is the result of twenty years of teaching and research and has already appeared in seven different languages. Hans Waldenfels held the chair at the university of Bonn from 1977–1997. Waldenfels came to Bonn after he had lived and worked in Japan for ten years. There as well as in other parts of Asia, inculturation became a life experience for him. Following the three classical topics of fundamental theology – God, Jesus Christ, the Church – Waldenfels asks how they fit into the different contexts of ethnic, cultural, religious and ideological circumstances of life. The handbook shows that modern Christian theology needs a profound knowledge and analysis of the diversity of human and social life. At the same time an equally deep involvement in the mystery of the divine as it appears in the life and death of Jesus Christ is of utmost importance. It calls for a strong connection between historical awareness and an insatiable desire of the infinite Beyond.

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